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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Die Ablation des TrabekelwerksVogel, Martin; Scheurer, Gerd; Neu, Walter; Dressel, Martin; Gerhardt, Harald
1990Pattern recognition for earthquake detectionJoswig, Manfred
1990Pneu und Schale : Betonschalen und pneumatisch vorgespannte MembranenSobek, Werner
1994Diastereoselective synthesis of α-Hydroxy- and α-amino-indolizidines and -quinolizidines : evidence for a novel cyclization/hydride migration mechanism in the TiCl4-induced reaction of prolinalbenzylimines by deuterium labeling studiesLaschat, Sabine; Grehl, Matthias
1993Automated reevaluation of local earthquake data by application of generic polarization patterns for P- and S-onsetsKlumpen, Eric; Joswig, Manfred
1990Carbohydrates as chiral templates : stereoselective synthesis of (R)-homoallyl amines using L-fucose as the auxiliary formally enantiomeric to D-galactoseLaschat, Sabine; Kunz, Horst
1987Structure and reactivity of aromatic σ-complexes (cyclohexadienylium ions) : a correlated experimental and theoretical studyEffenberger, Franz; Reisinger, Friedrich; Schönwälder, Karl-Heinz; Bäuerle, Peter; Stezowski, John J.; Jogun, Kurt H.; Schöllkopf, Klaus; Stohrer, Wolf-Dieter
1985MO-theoretisch konzipierte Kandidaten für ein neuartiges Konzept einer lichtinduzierten ElektronenpumpeStohrer, Wolf-Dieter; Paape, Rainer; Effenberger, Franz; Bäuerle, Peter
1976Effect of a sharp bend on the transmission of neutron guide tubes of circular cross sectionMaysenhölder, Waldemar
1993Bauen mit textilen WerkstoffenSobek, Werner; Frerichs, Gerd