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Authors: Schmidt, Werner J.
Bubser, Michael
Hauber, Wolfgang
Title: Behavioural pharmacology of glutamate in the basal ganglia
Issue Date: 1992 Zeitschriftenartikel Journal of neural transmission, Supplementum 38 (1992), S. 65-89
Abstract: In Parkinson's disease the dopaminergic inhibition - mediated by DA2 receptors in the triatum - is reduced. Therefore glutamatergic excitation predominates in the antero-dorsal striatum. In turn the glutamatergic neurons of the subthalamic nucleus become disinhibited. Antagonists of the NMDAsubtype of glutamate receptor injected locally into the glutamatergically innervated nuclei or competitive and non-competitive NMDA-antagonista administered systemically, counteract parkinsonian symptom in animals.
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