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Authors: Layh, Norman
Stolz, Andreas
Förster, Siegfried
Effenberger, Franz
Knackmuss, Hans-Joachim
Title: Enantioselective hydrolysis of O-acetylmandelonitrile to O-acetylmandelic acid by bacterial nitrilases
Issue Date: 1992 Zeitschriftenartikel Archives of Microbiology 158 (1992), S. 405-411. URL
Abstract: Bacteria were enriched from soil samples, using benzylcyanide, α-methyl-, α-ethyl- or α-methoxybenzyl-cyanide as the sole source of nitrogen. All isolated strains belonged to the genus Pseudomonas. Resting cells of the isolates hydrolysed O-acetylmandelonitrile to O-acetylmandelic acid, O-acetylmandelic acid amide and mandelic acid. From racemic O-acetylmandelonitrile all isolates preferentially formed R(–)-acetylmandelic acid ( = d-acetylmandelic acid). The enantioselective hydrolysis of O-acetylmandelonitrile could also be demonstrated in vitro. Crude extracts did not hydrolyse O-acetylmandelic acid amide indicating an enantioselective nitrilase rather than a nitrile hydratase/amidase system.
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