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Authors: Kuppinger, Franz-Felix
Busch, Claudia
Eigenberger, Gerhart
Title: Direct electrodialysis of fermentation broth with periodic removal of fouling layers
Issue Date: 1992 Konferenzbeitrag Kreysa, Gerhard (Hrsg.): Bioprocess engineering, monitoring and controlling, applied genetics and safety, low molecular weight metabolites, environmental biotechnology. Weinheim : VCH, 1992 (Dechema Biotechnology Conferences, 5), S. 671-674
Abstract: In the present investigation the fermentation broth is fed directly into the electrodialysis module without prefiltration. Under these conditions a biofouling layer of living and dead parts of the fermentation broth builds up primarily on the anion exchange membranes. The mainly negatively charged fouling producers, for example protein ions, are transported by the electric field to the anion exchange membranes.
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