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Authors: Nieken, Ulrich
Kolios, Grigorios
Eigenberger, Gerhart
Title: Fixed bed reactors with periodic flow reversal : experimental results for catalytic combustion
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Catalysis today 20 (1994), S. 335-350
Abstract: The influence of design and operating parameters on the behavior of a fixed-bed reactor with periodic flow reversal has been studied in a laboratory set-up for the case of catalytic total oxidation. The results are in accordance with detailed model simulations published elsewhere. They show that the periodic operation is completely dominated by the regenerative heat exchange and that steady-state kinetics can be used. Like any other autothermal reactor, a fixed-bed reactor with periodic flow reversal has to be operated in the ignited steady state. It was shown that totally and partially ignited steady states may exist under the same operating conditions if several combustible components with different ignition temperature are present in the feed. Hot gas withdrawal from the middle of the packed bed proved to be a suitable method to utilize almost all of the heat of reaction at the highest temperature in the reactor and to prevent high temperature peaks at the respective exit valves. Together with an appropriate design of the fixed bed, composed of inert front and end sections with low effective axial conductivity and an active portion with large axial conductivity, hot gas withdrawal allows for an efficient control of the reactor under the conditions of both high and low feed concentrations.
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