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Authors: Köhn, Alf
Holzhauer, Eberhard
Stroth, Ulrich
Title: Visualization of the O-X-B mode conversion process with a full-wave code
Issue Date: 2008 Zeitschriftenartikel IEEE transactions on plasma science 36 (2008), S. 1220-1221. URL
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Abstract: The O-X-B mode conversion is a process to couple electromagnetic waves into an overdense plasma. At the vicinity of the cutoff, the wave is converted into a Bernstein wave, which is very well absorbed in the plasma without further density cutoff. Therefore, these waves are a promising tool to heat high-density plasmas. The conversion process has been investigated in great detail using a full-wave code, and for the first time, the time-dependent formation of the Bernstein waves has been visualized by using the data obtained with this simulation.
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