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Authors: Suhr, Dierk
Brümmer, Franz
Irmer, Ulrich
Schlachter, Manfred
Hülser, Dieter F.
Title: Shock waves and free radicals : cell protection by vitamin E in vitro and ex vivo
Issue Date: 1993 Konferenzbeitrag Ultrasonics International 93, Vienna, Austria 6-8 July 1993. Oxford : Butterworth-Heinemann, 1993. - ISBN 0-7506-1877-9, S. 615-618
Abstract: The application of extracorporeal generated shock waves in medicine for the fragmentation of human kidney and gall stones proved to be a very successful technique. Shock wave lithotripsy, however, is not free of tissue damaging side effects. One major mechanism for the fragmentation of stones as well as for the side effects is cavitation, ie. the formation and movement of bubbles in liquids exposed to tensile forces. Collapse of cavitation bubbIes is accompanied by local "hot spots" of several 1,000 K, thus generating free radicals. We investigated the contribution of these free radicals to cellular injury by varying the cellular amount of a well known scavenger of free radicals, α-tocopherol.
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