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Authors: Voß, Alfred
Schlenzig, Christoph
Reuter, Albrecht
Title: MESAP-III: a tool for energy planning and environmental management : history and new developments ; STE-Seminar, KFA Jülich, 6. September 1994
Issue Date: 1994 Konferenzband
Abstract: The utilization of energy contributes substantially to environmental pollution. Increasing environmental degradation calls for quick decisions in the field of energy and environmental planning, which anyhow are subject to a high degree of uncertainty. Major investments in this field are necessary to cope with the challenging environmental targets and to provide suffcient affordable and reliable energy for a growing population in an environmentally compatible way. In the early eighties IER at the University of Stuttgart started the development of the MESAP system, the Microcomputer based Energy Sector Analysis and Planning system. The main objective was to improve the planning capabilities of existing models by integrating modern information management tools with the existing operations research methodologies.
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