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Authors: Kull, Ulrich
Büxenstein, Roland
Title: Effect of cytokinins on the lipid fatty acids of leaves
Issue Date: 1974 Zeitschriftenartikel Phytochemistry 13 (1974), S. 39-44. URL
Abstract: Kinetin and zeatin were administered to leaves of intact plants of Coleus, Impatiens and Populus in long-term experiments (4 weeks and the variations of the fatty acid content of saponifiable lipids determined. In the same species there are no significant differences between the effects of the two cytokinins. In Impatiens and Populos the content of linolenic acid increases. The behaviour of palmitic and linoleic acids is variable. Coleus plants were treated with zeatin at 15 and 25°. At the higher temperature the hormone causes a distinct rise of palmitic and a diminution of linolenic acid.
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