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Authors: Cox, Graham D.
Fischer, Christian
Casey, Michael V.
Title: The application of throughflow optimisation to the design of radial and mixed flow turbines
Issue Date: 2010 Konferenzbeitrag 9th International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging, 19 May 2010-20 May 2010
Abstract: Radial and mixed flow turbines are important components of turbochargers in automotive engines. Their aerodynamic design is generally compromised by severe mechanical constraints, to deal with high temperature and unsteady operation, but also by the requirement of low inertia for rapid turbocharger response from low engine speed. Conventionally, the designer deals with these constraints in the preliminary design, using a high degree of empiricism, followed by extensive CFD analysis and geometry optimisation. This paper describes a new approach to the preliminary design using a quasi-3D throughflow method coupled to an optimiser, which allows a more rapid consideration of the design issues before moving on to 3D CFD analysis. The throughflow-based optimisation system was able to increase efficiency by over 3% at the same inertia or to reduce inertia by 20-30% at the same efficiency, compared to a baseline design.
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