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Authors: Kallenbach, Ulrich
Friedrich, Rainer
Unger, Hermann
Voß, Alfred
Title: Assessing, comparing and managing risks from energy supply strategies on a regional basis : a case study for Baden-Württemberg
Issue Date: 1988 Konferenzbeitrag Assessing and managing health and environmental risks from energy and other complex industrial systems. Wien, 1988 (IAEA-Tecdoc 453), S. 107-145
Abstract: In this paper a regional case study within the envisaged joint inter-agency project on "Assessing and Managing Health and Environmental Risks from Energy and Other Complex Industrial Systems" is proposed for Baden-Württemberg. The Institut für Kernenergetik und Energiesysteme (IKE) has performed a number of studies dealing with the evaluation and reduction of emissions and risks of energy systems. So, a very detailed data base is available which can serve as a suitable basis for further investigations related to risk management. Consequently this paper consists of three main sections with emphasis on: - description of research projects carried out by IKE in the field of energy systems and risk evaluations, - description of aims and procedures of an ongoing study on restructuring measures for the energy system in Baden-Württemberg and, - the proposal for a regional case study on risk management in the energy field for Baden-Württemberg.
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