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Authors: Voß, Alfred
Adegbulugbe, Anthony
Dayo, Felix
Reuter, Albrecht
Saboohi, Yadollah
Rath-Nagel, Stefan
Rebstock, Franz
Title: Models as decision support tools for energy planning in developing countries
Issue Date: 1986 Konferenzbeitrag Miyata, Mitsuru (Hrsg.): Energy decisions for the future : challenge and opportunities ; proceedings 8. International Conference of the International Association of Energy Economists. Vol. 2. Tokyo, 1986, S. 1085-1096
Abstract: Energy planning is a complex and data intensive task requiring the expertise of the decision maker and the modeler and an adequate planning tool. Many energy models have been developed during the past 20 years and some have been applied for analyses of the energy system of industrialized countries. In recent times some of these models have been adopted and applied to the situation of developing countries, and some few have been developed by organizations in developing countries itself.
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