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Authors: Ozbolt, Josko
Eligehausen, Rolf
Title: Simulation of cycling bond-slip behavior
Issue Date: 1992 Konferenzbeitrag Bazant, Zdenek P. (Hrsg.): Fracture mechanics of concrete structures : FraMCoS1. London : Elsevier Applied Science, 1992. - ISBN 1-85166-869-1, S. 912-917
Abstract: In the present paper results of a numerical analysis for a deformed steel bar embedded in a concrete cylinder and pulled out by monotonic and cyclic loading are shown and discussed. The analysis is performed by the use of axisymmetric finite elements and an improved 3D general microplane model for concrete, instead of the classical interface element approach, a more general approach with spatial discretization modeling the ribs of a deformed steel bar is employed. The pull-out failure mechanism is analyzed. Comparison between numerical results and test results indicate good agreement. The present approach is able to correctly predict the monotonic as well as cyclic behavior including friction and degradation of pull-out resistance due to the previous damage.
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