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Authors: Heisel, Uwe
Ruziczka, Gunter
Title: Machining bores with milldrilling and millboring
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Production Engineering 1 (1994), Nr. 2, S. 67-70
Abstract: Milldrilling is a combination of both the machining processes internal circular milling and drilling. The operation cycle of mill boring is analogous to milldrilling with the difference of the already existing bore in the workpiece. The typical formation of millings allows an automated manufacturing of deep bores with internal contours in solid material in only one setting. This leads to new possibilities to design parts in a lot of engineering areas. Tool monitoring keeps the milldrilling tool and machine tool apart from damage or even breakage and avoids the loss of workpieces. The relative simple design of this equipment accomplishes the requirement for an industrial application.
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