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Authors: Tiziani, Hans J.
Packroß, Bernd
Schmidt, Gerhard
Title: Testing of aspheric surfaces with computer generated holograms
Issue Date: 1988 Konferenzbeitrag Weck, Manfred (Hrsg.): Ultraprecision in manufacturing engineering : proceedings of the Internat. Congress for Ultraprecision Technology, May 1988, Aachen, FRG. Berlin ; Heidelberg : Springer, 1988. - ISBN 3-540-19241-7, S. 335-342
Abstract: Aspherical surfaces are becoming more important and can even be mass producted. There is a need for flexible test methods of high accuracy. The paper describes the combination of a computer generated holograms with a partially compensating lens as a powerful tool. An example for testing a steep aspheric surface will be given.
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