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Authors: Eligehausen, Rolf
Ozbolt, Josko
Title: Size effect in anchorage behavior
Issue Date: 1990 Konferenzbeitrag Firrao, D. (Hrsg.): Fracture behaviour and design of materials and structures. Vol. 2. Warley : Engineering Materials Advisory Services, 1990. - ISBN 0-947817-43-3, S. 721-727
Abstract: The results of the numerical analysis for pull-out tests on headed anchors with axis-symmetric finite elements and nonlocal microplane model for concrete are presented. Based on the results of the numerical analysis and Bazant's size effect law a failure load formula is derived and compared with empirical failure load equations. Numerical results are in good agreement with experimental evidence and indicate a strong size effect which should be taken into account in current design practice.
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