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Authors: Leonhardt, Klaus
Droste, Ulrich
Schön, Stefan
Voland, Christoph
Tiziani, Hans J.
Title: Micro shape and rough surface analysis by fringe projection
Issue Date: 1993 Konferenzbeitrag Optics as a key to high technology. T. 1. Bellingham, Wash. : SPIE, 1993 (Proceedings / SPIE 1983), S. 311-312
Abstract: A new microscopic fringe projection system is described. Projection of the grating and imaging of the fringes is accomplished by the same objective. The spectrum of the binary grating is spatially filtered and projected into the aperture with a lateral shift. This leads to telecentric projection and imaging under oblique incidence. Topographies of specularely as well as diffusely reflecting surfaces can be obtained. The measurement of rough, technical surfaces is demonstrated.
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