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Authors: Wilke, Marc
Situ, Guohai
Aleksenko, Igor
Riedel, Margarita
Pedrini, Giancarlo
Jeschke, Sabina
Osten, Wolfgang
Title: Remote laboratory for digital holographic metrology
Issue Date: 2011 Verschiedenartige Texte
URI: Presentation at the SPIE-Optical Metrology 2011 in Munich, Germany
Abstract: Advances in information technology open up the potential of combining optical systems with net based infrastructures, allowing for remote inspection and virtual metrology. In this paper, we report our recent work on building a remote laboratory for digital holographic metrology. We describe the architecture and the techniques involved in setting up the remote controlling metrology system. Further consideration will be given to the integration into an advanced infrastructure for remote experimentation, data storage and publication. Some other important issues such as information security will not be addressed.
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