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Authors: Wentsch, Katrin Sarah
Weichelt, Birgit
Günster, Stefan
Druon, Frederic
Georges, Patrick
Abdou Ahmed, Marwan
Graf, Thomas
Title: Yb:CaF2 thin-disk laser
Issue Date: 2014 Zeitschriftenartikel Optics express 22 (2014), S. 1524-1532. URL
Abstract: We present Ytterbium-doped CaF2 as a laser active material with good prospects for high-power operation in thin-disk laser configuration owing to its favorable thermal properties. Thanks to its broad emission bandwidth the material is also suitable for the generation of ultra-short pulses. The properties of the crystal as well as the challenges related to the coating, polishing, mounting and handling processes which are essential to achieve high power laser oscillation in thin-disk configuration are discussed. A wavelength tunability of 92 nm is demonstrated, which confirms the potential of Yb:CaF2 for the generation of ultra-short pulses. An output power of 250 W with an optical efficiency of ηopt = 47% was measured in CW multimode thin-disk laser operation with a pump spot diameter of 3.6 mm. Using a smaller pump spot diameter of 1 mm the fundamental mode output power was 13 W with an optical efficiency of ηopt = 34%.
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