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Authors: Emele, Peter
Meyer, Dirk U.
Holl, Norbert
Port, Helmut
Wolf, Hans Christoph
Würthner, Frank
Bäuerle, Peter
Effenberger, Franz
Title: Dual fluorescence of 9-anthryl-substituted oligothiophenes in nonpolar environment
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Chemical Physics 181 (1994), S. 417-424. URL
Abstract: 9-Anthryl-oligothiophenes (9A-Tn, n = 1–4) have been studied in n-hexane solution between helium and room temperature using absorption, fluorescence emission and excitation spectra and time resolved fluorescence measurements. These compounds are reference systems for studies on intramolecular energy and charge transfer in donor/acceptor-substituted conjugated chain molecules. The absorption spectra show contribution of both substituents anthracene and oligothiophene, but no additional bands due to mixed electronic states. Dual fluorescence is observed at Tgreater-or-equal, slanted 120 K for the compounds 9A-Tn (n = 1–3), but not for 9A-T4. Time resolved spectroscopy reveals a dynamical coupling between the two emission components whose relative quantum yields are strongly temperature dependent. The occurrence of the dual fluorescence is explained by an intramolecular torsional motion between the two molecular subunits.
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