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Authors: Burger, Wilfried
Lassmann, Kurt
Title: Continuous high resolution phonon spectroscopy up to 12meV : measurement of the A+ binding energies in silicon
Issue Date: 1986 Zeitschriftenartikel Physical Review B 33 (1986), S. 5868-5870. URL
Abstract: We have measured the binding energies of Ga+, Al+, and In+ centers in silicon with energy-resolved phonon-induced electrical conductivity. For Ga+ and Al+ we obtain the value of about 2 meV as earlier found for B+, whereas the binding energy of In+ is 6 meV. Spectral structures attributed to impurity interactions found for higher concentrations of In at energies up to about 12 meV demonstrate that acoustic phonons up to this energy are transmitted from the tunnel junction to the substrate.
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