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Authors: Koblinger, Otto
Dittrich, Ehrenfried
Heim, Ulrich
Welte, Michael
Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
Title: Spectral dependence of the Kapitza resistance between O,5 K and 2,3 K
Issue Date: 1984 Konferenzbeitrag Phonon scattering in condensed matter : proceedings of the fourth international conference, Stuttgart, Aug. 22-26, 1983. Berlin : Springer, 1984 (Springer series in solid state sciences 51). - ISBN 3-540-12954-5, S. 209-211
Abstract: Summarizing, we observed strongly enhanced phonon transport from a real solid into 4 He starting at about 85 GHz which is independent of the He gas pressure up to liquid helium. With the isotope 3 He the onset frequency for enhanced phonon transport shifts to 100 GHz. The threshold frequencies are almost independent of the He temperature in the range between 0.5 K and 2.3 K. Only slight shifts to lower frequencies with decreasing He temperature have been observed. No significant influence of the generator material (Sn, Al, SiO) or the generator preparation on the onset frequency has been observed. Moreover at low temperatures and thin He films we observed an additional structure which might be interpreted as film thickness resonances in the He film layer on the generator.
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