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Authors: Holdik, Karl
Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
Title: Charge and polarization dynamics in polymer films
Issue Date: 1985 Konferenzbeitrag Sessler, Gerhard M. (Hrsg.): Proceedings / 5th International Symposium on Electrets (ISE). New York : IEEE, 1985, S. 553-558
Abstract: The PPS-method has been shown to be a powerful instrument to reveal the polarization evolution within a dielectric under a forming field. Because the final polarization found in a material is not generally a monotonic function of the formation time this can be used to control the polarization pattern by variation of external parameters during the process. The reason for inhomogenious polarization patterns and thus the cause of inhomogenious piezo- (and pyroelectric) reply of the examined dielectric materials was found to be predominantly charge carrier transport.
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