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Authors: Dittrich, Ehrenfried
Scheitler, Wolfgang
Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
Title: Satellite phonon absorption lines above the 875 GHz resonance of interstitial oxygen in silicon
Issue Date: 1987 Konferenzbeitrag Japanese journal of applied physics 26 (1987), Suppl. 3, S. 873-874. URL
Abstract: Acoustic phonon spectroscopy with superconducting tunneling junctions as phonon generator and detector revealed a large number of sharp absorption lines between 875 GHz (oxygen resonance) and 1.35 THz for silicon doped with interstitial oxygen (Si:0i). The strength of these lines scales with the square of the oxygen concentration ranging from 1017 to 1018 cm-3. Under mechanical stress the lines show a frequency shift almost identical to the main oxygen resonance at 875 GHz as well as to the also observable isotope resonance. These satellite absorption lines are therefore discussed as 0i–0i neighbour interaction. This is supported by the influence of annealing.
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