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Authors: Bihler, Eckardt
Holdik, Karl
Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
Title: Electric field-induced gas emission from PVDF films
Issue Date: 1987 Zeitschriftenartikel IEEE transactions on electrical insulation 22 (1987), S. 207-210. URL
Abstract: Charge injection, conduction and trapping are important processes for stabilizing the electric polarization in the piezoelectric polymer PVDF. In order to study the nature of the pertinent charges in PVDF we measured the gas emission from PVDF using a permeable electrode under an applied electric field up to 0.7 MV/ cm. The films were covered on one side with evaporated copper, on the other side a copper wire gauze was used as a permeable electrode. The polymer films were mounted in an UHV-system with a built-in quadrupole mass spectrometer for residual gas analysis. Charging the permeable electrode negatively, gas emission was found mainly consisting of hydrogen, hydrogen fluoride, and fluorine. For comparison FEP-and PET-films were examined.
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