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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A mobile nondestructive testing (NDT) system for fast detection of impact damage in fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP)Rittmann, Johannes; Rahammer, Markus; Holtmann, Niels; Kreutzbruck, Marc
2019A low-cost fluorescence reader for in vitro transcription and nucleic acid detection with Cas13aKatzmeier, Florian; Aufinger, Lukas; Dupin, Aurore; Quintero, Jorge; Lenz, Matthias; Bauer, Ludwig; Klumpe, Sven; Sherpa, Dawafuti; Dürr, Benedikt; Honemann, Maximilian; Styazhkin, Igor; Simmel, Friedrich C.; Heymann, Michael
2020Integrated defect sensor for the inspection of fiber-reinforced plastics using air-coupled ultrasoundBernhardt, Yannick; Kreutzbruck, Marc
2020Simultaneous optimization of process operational and material parameters for a 2-bed adsorption refrigeration processScherle, Marc; Nieken, Ulrich
2020Impact of long-term water inflow uncertainty on wholesale electricity prices in markets with high shares of renewable energies and storagesScheben, Heike; Klempp, Nikolai; Hufendiek, Kai
2020A physically based material model for the simulation of friction stir weldingPanzer, Florian; Shishova, Elizaveta; Werz, Martin; Weihe, Stefan; Eberhard, Peter; Schmauder, Siegfried
2020A more realistic heat pump control approach by application of an integrated two-part controlSchulz, Maximilian; Kemmler, Thomas; Kumm, Julia; Hufendiek, Kai; Thomas, Bernd
2009Modeling of scalar mixing in turbulent jet flames by multiple mapping conditioningVogiatzaki, Konstantina; Cleary, Matthew J.; Kronenburg, Andreas; Kent, John
2020A newly discovered relation between the critical resolved shear stress and the fatigue endurance limit for metallic materialsMlikota, Marijo; Schmauder, Siegfried
2019The GEF‐H1/PKD3 signaling pathway promotes the maintenance of triple‐negative breast cancer stem cellsLieb, Wolfgang S.; Lungu, Cristiana; Tamas, Raluca; Berreth, Hannah; Rathert, Philipp; Storz, Peter; Olayioye, Monilola A.; Hausser, Angelika