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Authors: Chen, Ben-ming
Deilacher, Frank
Hoch, Matthias
Keller, Heimo J.
Wu, Pei-ji
Gärtner, Stephan
Kahlich, Siegfried
Schweitzer, Dieter
Title: Organic metals from chiral BEDT-TTF donors
Issue Date: 1991 Konferenzbeitrag Metzger, Robert M. (Hrsg.): Lower dimensional systems and molecular electronics. New York : Plenum Pr., 1991 (NATO ASI series, B. 248). - ISBN 0-306-43826-7, S. 175-180
Abstract: We have shown that is is possible to obtain organic metals from chiral molecules. The X-ray results prove an oxidation number of + 1.5 for the radical cations in at least two cases. To our best knowledge. these are: the first examples of BEDT-TTF-related radical cation salts with this oxidation number. As expected, we obtained statistically disordered crystals, containing the two different enantiomers in a "racemic" mixture. The broad smeared-out phase transitions are probably due to this disorder, or may be caused by the three-dimensional interactions which have been observed, so far, only once in a BEDT-TTF radical salt. We will crystallize the metallic compounds using "optically pure" isomers, in the hope to be able to isolate chiral metals.
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