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Authors: Rapp, Philipp
Mesch, Martin
Giessen, Harald
Tarín, Cristina
Title: Regression methods for ophthalmic glucose sensing using metamaterials
Issue Date: 2011 Zeitschriftenartikel Journal of electrical and computer engineering (2011), Article ID 953064. URL
Abstract: We present a novel concept for in vivo sensing of glucose using metamaterials in combination with automatic learning systems. In detail, we use the plasmonic analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) as sensor and evaluate the acquired data with support vector machines. The metamaterial can be integrated into a contact lens. This sensor changes its optical properties such as reflectivity upon the ambient glucose concentration, which allows for in situ measurements in the eye. We demonstrate that estimation errors below 2% at physiological concentrations are possible using simulations of the optical properties of the metamaterial in combination with an appropriate electrical circuitry and signal processing scheme. In the future, functionalization of our sensor with hydrogel will allow for a glucose-specific detection which is insensitive to other tear liquid substances providing both excellent selectivity and sensitivity.
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