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Authors: Steinle, Tobias
Steinmann, Andy
Hegenbarth, Robin
Giessen, Harald
Title: Watt-level optical parametric amplifier at 42 MHz tunable from 1.35 to 4.5 μm coherently seeded with solitons
Issue Date: 2014 Zeitschriftenartikel Optics express 22 (2014), S. 9567-9573. URL
Abstract: We report on an optical parametric amplifier at high repetition rate of 41.7 MHz seeded by an optical soliton from a tapered fiber. Gap-free signal tuning from 1.35 µm to 1.95 µm with corresponding idler wavelengths from 2.2 µm to 4.5 µm is demonstrated. The system provides up to 1.8 W average power at 1.4 µm, more than 1.1 W up to 1.7 µm, and more than 400 mW up to 4.0 µm with a signal pulse duration of 200 to 300 fs. It is directly pumped by a solid-state oscillator providing up to 7.4 W at 1.04 µm wavelength with 425 fs pulse duration. Soliton-seeding is shown to lead to excellent pulse-to-pulse stability, but it introduces a timing-jitter on the millisecond timescale. Using a two-stage concept the timing-jitter is efficiently suppressed due to the passive synchronization of both conversion stages.
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