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Authors: Dridi, Mohamed H.
Title: List of parameters influencing the pedestrian movement and pedestrian database
Issue Date: 2015 Zeitschriftenartikel International journal of social science studies 3 (2015), No. 4, S. 94-106. URL
Abstract: In this paper we present a list of factors influencing the pedestrian behaviour in different situations and conditions. In crowd simulation input we must consider at least two simulation conditions. The first is the normal condition and the second is the emergency condition or panic situation. In panic situations most parameters will be changed and the time factor becomes very important. Both emotion and personality clearly have a strong and considerable impact on individual behaviours in such situations. However, most existing approaches in their attempt to model the behaviour of individuals and for guiding an agent to interact with its environment and other agents, consider the individual as an autonomous agent or autonomous particle that obeys some human-like behaviour modules such as locomotion, perception, and decision making. Other models treat the crowd as a collection of homogeneous particles interacting through physical forces. Today with the enormous knowledge development in computer science, many models try to improve themselves. There seems to be an evolution in crowd simulation to model each individual as some kind of intelligent agent with attempts to incorporate more and more social and psychological factors into the agent behaviour model. However, to reproduce more realistic simulation behaviours many factors and attributes influencing pedestrians must be considered. The actual shortcoming of the existing models is the absence of modelling the social group process and its impact on human behaviour. One way to gain a better understanding of human behaviour in this area is to enrich the tools available for planning, such as pedestrian micro simulation in case of panic situations and emergency conditions. In this work a pedestrian database called PedGUI containing a lot of information about pedestrians is developed, this have a significant impact on the simulation input at least two mean pedestrian characteristics like age and gender can be considered.
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