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Authors: Schmitz, Joachim
Trebin, Hans-Rainer
Rössler, Ulrich
Title: TRS: a program to calculate Landau levels and direct dipole transitions in uniaxially stressed semiconductors
Issue Date: 1991 Zeitschriftenartikel Computer physics communications 66 (1991), S. 308-318. URL
Abstract: Quantum resonances in the valence bands of semiconductors under uniaxial stress provide very detailed information on the band parameters if the experimental data can be analyzed on the basis of an adequate theoretical model. Trebin and Rössler developed such a model for narrow-gap semiconductors with a zincblende lattice and applied it to InSb. Using their theoretical results they wrote a program for the numerical evaluation of energy eigenvalues, wave functions and oscillator strengths for direct inter- and intraband dipole transitions. It is based on an effective Hamiltonian constructed by invariant expansion and describes the Landau levels in an eightfold space of valence and conduction bands when uniaxial stress and magnetic field are applied along the [001] direction. All eigenstates are evaluated for any three values of wave vector, magnetic field and stress. Recently, Schmitz made several improvements and additions to this program including a complete user interface making the program easy to use, adaptable to a wide variety of computers, and allowing calculations done systematically.
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