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Authors: Ereckaja, E. V.
Sachno, L. A.
Vovjanko, S. I.
Ulcenko, V. Ju.
Title: Experimentelle Begründung der Frühanwendung von applizierbaren Sorptionsmitteln in der Wundheilung
Issue Date: 1994 Verschiedenartige Texte Originaltext erschienen in: Kliniceskaja chirurgija 1989, Nr. 1, S. 15-17
Abstract: In the experiments on rabbits with bilateral musculocutaneous wound of a thigh, it is shown that the early use of the 'Dnepr MN' activized carbon fibrous material (ACFM) intended for medical purposes provides timely haemostasis in the damaged tissues, reduces blood loss, prevents the development ot traumatic edema, decreases the intensity of inflammatory process in a wound, facilitates rapid and uncomplicated healing of wounds under the artificial crust. The treatment-and-prophylactic effectiveness of ACFM is associated with ist ability for rapid and irreversible sorption of biologically active substances forming in the wound tissues, and as well with protection of a wound against secondary infection.
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