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Authors: Kotov, V. N.
Title: Wachstumskinetik einer Mycelkolonie
Issue Date: 1990 Verschiedenartige Texte Originaltext erschienen in: Doklady / Akademija Nauk Ukrainskoj SSR, Serija B (1986), Nr. 7, S. 80-83
Abstract: A stochastic model of the mycelial colony growth is suggested. It is based on the essential mechanisms of the mycelial colony formation, that is an apical elongation of hyphas and lateral branching. The core of the model is a time-continuous branching process with the cells of three types. Within the framework of the model the biomass growth is shown to be asymptotically exponential and the hyphal growth unit (HGU) tends to a constant. In the case of gamma-distribution of the hyphal cell generation time the explicit formulas describing the kinetics of the mycelial colony growth are derived.
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