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Authors: Hjorth, Peder
Kobus, Helmut
Nachtnebel, Hans Peter
Nottage, Albert
Robarts, Richard
Title: Relating hydraulics and ecological processes
Issue Date: 1991 Konferenzbeitrag Hydraulics and the environment : partnership in sustainable development; publication of the IAHR Workshop on "Matching Hydraulics and Ecology in Water Systems" Utrecht, 14-16 March 1991. Delft, 1991 (Journal of hydraulic research 29, extra issue), S. 8-19
Abstract: Any major modification of the hydraulic system results with some retardation in a response of the ecosystem trying to adapt to the new conditions. It is difficult to imagine situations where hydraulics and ecosystems are not related. Thus, harmonizing hydraulics with ecology means to identify alternative hydraulic measures which yield simultaneously economic benefits and improvement, preservation or at least a best fit of the environmental situation. Often, these objectives are subjected to an inherent conflict and therefore harmonizing is dependent on the preference structure of the modern society, which is inclined to sustainable development. The objective of this chapter is to develop a framework (methodology) which might assist in relating hydraulics and ecology with respect to specific goals under site and problem dependent constraints.
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