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Authors: Jur'ev, K. V.
Title: Albertus Seba und seine Rolle in der Entwicklung der Herpetologie
Issue Date: 2011 Verschiedenartige Texte Originaltext erschienen in: Anan'eva, Natalija B. (Hrsg.): Fauna i ekologija amfibij i reptilij palearkticeskoj Azii. Leningrad, 1981 (Trudy zoologiceskogo Instituta / Akademija nauk SSSR 101). - S. 109-120
Abstract: The name of Seba has forever gone down in the history of zoological systematics, since many of the pictures of animals performed by him were used as types for describing a number of species. The work elucidates Seba's role in the development of herpetology. The fate of both his zoological collections is considered in every detail. His famous work "Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri" and its second French edition have been described minutely.
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