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Authors: Fröhlich, Roland
Grehl, Matthias
Kramm-Glade, Sigrid
Laschat, Sabine
Title: Structure of two octahydroacridines
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Acta crystallographica, C 50 (1994), S. 1798-1801. URL
Abstract: A cis-decalin conformation with congestion at the central heterocyclic ring is found for cis-5,9,9-trimethyloctahydroacridine, C16H23N, and a slightly twisted trans-decalin conformation is found for (3RS,-4aRS,9aSR)-3,5,9,9-tetramethyloctahydroacridine, C17-H25N.
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