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Authors: Burger, Wilfried
Lassmann, Kurt
Holm, Claus
Wagner, Peter
Title: Shallow traps correlated with deep impurities in silicon as obtained by phonon induced conductance
Issue Date: 1986 Konferenzbeitrag 18th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors, Stockholm, Sweden August 11 - 15, 1986. Bd. 2. Singapore, 1987, S. 851-854
Abstract: At low temperatures shallow neutral donors and acceptors in silicon can bind an extra carrier to form the so-called D- and A+ centers. With the method of phonon-induced electrical conductivity (PIC) we find the same threshold energies for the detachment of these carriers associated with the shallow impurities P and B, as have been obtained previously by FIR measurements. This shows that the detachment is by a one-phonon process. We find that there is no central cell correction for the binding to the deeper acceptors Al and Ga, whereas for In+ the binding energy is as large as 5,8 meV. We interprete this dependence on acceptor species as another example of the shallow-deep instability of the binding energy with the variation of the central cell potential.
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