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Authors: Schad, Hanspeter
Lassmann, Kurt
Zeile, Heinrich
Title: Resonance and relaxation attenuation by neutral acceptors in a magnetic field
Issue Date: 1977 Konferenzbeitrag Hasiguti, Ryukiti R. (Hrsg.): Internal friction and ultrasonic attenuation in solids : proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Internal Friction and Ultrasonic Attenuation in Solids held July 4-7, 1977, Tokyo. Tokyo : University of Tokyo Press, 1977, S. 173-176
Abstract: Fine structure, level splitting, and relaxation times of the acceptor ground state in cubic semiconductors can be deduced from ultrasonic attenuation. By the application of a magnetic field it is possible to vary the coupling strength and the number of acceptors on speaking terms with the ultrasonic wave. Making use of this possibility, we have determined directly effective coupling constants for relaxation attenuation and the temperature dependence of the critical intensity for saturation of the resonant interaction. Results obtained for p-type GaAs and Si are discussed in comparison with analogous results for glasses.
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