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Authors: Heisel, Uwe
Lutz, Marcel
Spath, Dieter
Wassmer, Robert A.
Walter, Ulrich
Title: Application of minimum quantity cooling lubrication technology in cutting processes
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel Production Engineering 2 (1994), Nr. 1, S. 49-54
Abstract: In spite of the manifold efforts to reach a total renouncement of the use of cooling lubricants in metal cutting for environmentally reasons, cooling lubrication is an essential condition to achieve an economical tool life and the required surface quality in many cases. Against this background, the minimum quantity cooling lubrication is an interesting possibility for an economical and environmentally compatible production which combines the functionality of the cooling lubrication with an extremely low consumption of cooling lubricants. With help of various results achieved in turning, milling and broaching experiments, this report describes the possibilities of application of minimum quantity cooling lubricating systems in machining with geometrically defined cutting edges.
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