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Authors: Heisel, Uwe
Fiebig, Wieslaw
Title: Investigation of the dynamic system behaviour of pump cases
Issue Date: 1993 Zeitschriftenartikel Production Engineering 1 (1993), Nr. 1, S. 135-138
Abstract: Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical power into hydraulic fluid power. During this process, alternating forces in hydraulic pumps incite vibrations in the pump case and are responsible for the structure-borne noise. Mainly dynamic forces in bearings are the source causing structure-borne noise which generates finally air-borne noise. For this reason, those dynamic forces have been investigated based on a dynamical model. The structure borne noise has been measured on the pump case surface. The natural vibrations of the pump case have been determined by the Finite Element Method for several boundary conditions. The comparison between calculated and measured natural vibrations indicates that the coupling of the pump parts influences the dynamic behaviour of the case.
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