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Authors: Schubert, Wolfgang
Baurschmidt, Peter
Nagel, Joachim H.
Thull, Roger
Schaldach, Max
Title: An implantable artificial pancreas
Issue Date: 1980 Zeitschriftenartikel Medical and biological engineering and computing 18 (1980), S. 527-537
Abstract: The artificial implantable pancreas is seen as the optimal means of therapy in patients with severe diabetes mellitus. The implantable pancreas consists of three modules; (i) the dosing unit, (ii) the control circuit and (iii) a glucose sensor for the realisation of a feedback system. Intensive research has been devoted to essential items, such as a dosing valve with only minimal susceptibility to interference, the design of an electrochemical sensor for continuously monitoring the glucose level, and design criteria for data transfer between an external programmer/monitor and the implant.
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