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Authors: Spath, Dieter
Title: The utilization of hypermedia-based information systems for developing recyclable products and for disassembly planning
Issue Date: 1994 Zeitschriftenartikel CIRP Annals 43 (1994), S. 153-156
Abstract: When products are considered in the context of their overall life-cycle, there is an increased requirement for information on the various life-phases involved. Information on disposal options determines the product design concept, and conversely the product design parameters affect the degree of rationalization achievable in disassembly. The resultant need to provide ecologically relevant product data both for development engineers and for disassembly planners in the context of the specific requirements concerned entails the necessity of using computer-aided information systems. This paper presents an information concept of this kind for supporting development engineers in implementing recyclable product designs, plus a procedure for planning and supporting manual disassembly. In methodological terms, systematized approaches are employed for design evaluation and procedures for qualification-oriented disassembly planning. Initial software developments are indicated for practical applications based on Hypermedia.
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