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Authors: Renn, Ortwin
Levine, Debra
Title: Credibility and trust in risk communication
Issue Date: 1991 Buchbeitrag Kasperson, Roger E. (Hrsg.): Communicating risks to the public : international perspectives. Dordrecht : Kluwer, 1991 (Technology, risk, and society, 4). - ISBN 0-7923-0601-5, S. 175-218
Abstract: The objective of this chapter has been to review the relevant psychological and sociological literature on trust and credibility in communication and to apply the findings of our search to the new area of risk communication. What are the major insights gained from our review and how may they be practically applied to risk communication programs? By carefully framing the information, by tailoring the content to the needs of the final receivers, and by conveying a clear, honest, and appealing message, risk communication can convey a basic understanding for the choices and constraints of risk management. It can thus create the foundations for gaining trust and credibility. Although many receivers of risk information may not agree with the actual decisions institutions have made in setting priorities or selecting management options, they may realize that these decisions are results of open discussions and painful trade-offs.
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