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Authors: Weller, Frank
Pauls, Irene
Dehnicke, Kurt
Becker, Gerd
Title: Die Reaktionen von Wolframhexachlorid mit überschüssigem 2,2-Dimethylpropylidinphosphan : die Kristallstrukturen von WCl5P2(C5H9)3, WCl4P5(C5H9)5 und [C3(C4H9)3]+[WCl5(C4H9C≡CC4H9]-
Other Titles: The reactions of tungsten hexachloride with excess 2,2-dimethylpropylidynephosphane : the crystal structures of WCl5P2(C5H9)3, WCl4P5(C5H9)5 und [C3(C4H9)3]+[WCl5(C4H9C≡CC4H9]-
Issue Date: 1991 Zeitschriftenartikel Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, B 46 (1991), S. 519-529
Abstract: The reaction of tungsten hexachloride with excess 2,2-dimethylpropylidynephosphane, C 4 H 9-C≡P, leads to the tungsten phosphaalkyne clusters WCI 5 P 2(C 5 H 9) 3 and WCI 4 P 5(C 5 H 9) as well as to the tris(t-butyl)cyclopropenium pentachloro tungsten alkyne complex {C 3(C 4 H 9) 3] + (WCI 5(C 4 H 9C≡CC 4 H )]-. All complexes were characterized by X-ray structure determinations.
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