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Authors: Münch, Erwin
Renn, Ortwin
Title: Sociopolitical aspects of nuclear energy
Issue Date: 1984 Konferenzbeitrag Joint German-Indonesian Workshop on Nuclear Power Technology (Jakarta) : 1984. Vol. 1. Jülich, 1984 (Bilateral Seminars of the International Bureau, KFA), S. 145-175
Abstract: Since the technical risk and the perception of risk towards nuclear energy in particular is an important factor for the acceptance of nuclear energy we try to elaborate this topic in some detail. Further it is necessary to evaluate values associated with energy production in order to concentrate on essentials when introducing nuclear energy into to energy system of a country. It is, moreover, helpful to show the differences in attitudes towards nuclear energy in industrialized and developing countries, and finally to present a review of public attitudes towards nuclear energy in German'y since the end of World War II. It may be possible to take advantage of the experience gained in our country. As a result of these investigations we present a proposal for a special programme for information and education to facilitate the introduction of nuclear energy in developing countries and to create a level of acceptance which is necessary for this step of development in the field of energy production.
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