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Authors: Hausser, Karl H.
Schweitzer, Dieter
Title: Dynamic nuclear polarisation in p-doped silicon by microwave ultrasonics
Issue Date: 1969 Konferenzbeitrag Averbuch, Pierre (Hrsg.): Magnetic resonance and radiofrequency spectroscopy. Amsterdam : North-Holl. Publ. Comp., 1969 (Proceedings of the Colloque AMPERE 15), S. 452-454
Abstract: We have investigated the dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) of 29 Si nuclei in highly doped silicon single crystals. The saturation of the electronic Zeeman levels in a magnetic field of 3.3 kG at 1.6°K was obtained using microwave ultrasonics of about 9 GHz. The ultrasonic waves were generated in a cavity by means of a transducer consisting of a thin film of CdS evaporated on the polished surface of the silicon. Preliminary results obtained with a silicon-rod of 2 x 2 x 12 mm cut with the long axis parallel to the (110) direction rendered a reduction of the NMR signal to about ⅓ in agreement with the expected negative sign of the DNP.
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