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Authors: Endres, Helmut
Keller, Heimo J.
Queckbörner, Jobst G.
Veigel, Jürgen
Schweitzer, Dieter
Title: The preparation of new metallic charge-transfer complexes: anthra [9.1-cd:10.5-c'd'] bis [1.2] dithiol (TTA), -diselenol (TSA) and their polyiodides
Issue Date: 1982 Zeitschriftenartikel Molecular crystals and liquid crystals 86 (1982), S. 111-122. URL
Abstract: The donors TTA and TSA were prepared starting from 1.5-dichloro-9.10-anthracenedione which was converted into (TCA) by two alternating chlorination and elimination steps. TCA was reacted under a dry argon atmosphere with suspensions of Na2S2 and Na2Se2 to yield TTA and TSA, respectively. Action of elemental iodine gives highly conductive polyiodides of both donors. Single crystals of TSA·I1.2 actually behave metallic between 220 and 300 K. The X-ray structure of TSA and TSA·I1.2 allows a comparison of intermolecular distances in the neutral and the partially oxidized, ionic stacks of the donor.
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