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Authors: Endres, Helmut
Bongart, August
Nöthe, Dietrich
Hennig, Ingolf
Schweitzer, Dieter
Schäfer, Herbert
Helberg, Hans W.
Flandrois, Serge
Title: A novel molecular metal: (oxamide oximato)(oxamide oxime)nickel(II) tetracyanoquinodimethanide, [Ni(oaoH)(oaoH2)]tcnq, and physical properties of its semiconducting Pt analogue
Issue Date: 1985 Zeitschriftenartikel Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, B 40 (1985), S. 489-495
Abstract: (C4H11N8NiO4)+(C12H4N4)-, Mr = 498.09 is triclinic, p1, a -=3.7718(6), b = 7.436(2), c =17.511(4) A, a=88.67(2), β=86.93(2), γ=85.05(2), γ= 488.51 A 3, Z = 1, d c=1.69 gcm -3, final R w= 0.035 for 1454 observed independent reflections. The crystals consist of segregated regular parallel stacks of planar metal complex cations and tcnq - counterions with intermolecular H bonds stabilizing the structure. The compound is metallic at room temperature. A metal to semiconductor transition around 230 K shows up in thermopower data, in the microwave conductivity and epr around 170 K. It is not visible in the static magnetic susceptibility.
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