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Authors: Schweitzer, Dieter
Goldacker, Wilfried
Hausser, Karl H.
Staab, Heinz A.
Title: ODMR of phanes and charge transfer phanes
Issue Date: 1979 Konferenzbeitrag Magnetic resonance and related phenomena : proceedings of the 20th Congress Ampere, Tallinn, August 21-26, 1978. Berlin : Springer, 1979. - ISBN 3-540-09380-X, S. 150
Abstract: Triplet zero field splitted parameters |D| and |E| and decay rates ki of the triplet sublevels of two stereoisomeric tetramethoxy [2.2] paracyclophanes as well as those of two CT [2.2] paracyclophanes in low concentration in glasses and small neat single ctystals as measured by ODMR in zero fields at 1,3 K are presented.
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