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Authors: Kasperson, Roger E.
Emel, Jacque
Goble, Robert
Hohenemser, Christoph
Kasperson, Jeanne X.
Renn, Ortwin
Title: Radioactive wastes and the social amplification of risk
Issue Date: 1987 Konferenzbeitrag Post, Roy G. (Hrsg.): Waste Management. Vol. 2 : High-level waste. Tucson, Ariz., 1987, S. 85-90
Abstract: A significant problem in radioactive waste facility siting is that apparent small risks or minor risks events produce substantial public concern and social impacts. The reasons for this difference in public health and societal impacts is not well understood. This paper explores the issues involved in the social amplification of risk, using the risk associated with site characterization as the example. Noteworthy as sources of amplification are the infomation flow associated with risks and risk events including the large volume of information, the extent of dispute, and misinformation and rumor. Such information passes through the mass media and interpersonal networks. The major mechanisms involved in risk amplifications are discussed and their likely impacts on society described.
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